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What is Windows Live Writer?
It is a Software which lets you to make posts to your blog from your desktop.This Software has a very simple and easy to use post editor with live preview and a bunch of very useful features
Blogger Supports XML-RPC Protocol which enables 3rd part Clients to make posts on Blogger.One of the Best Blogging Clients is Windows Live Writer.It comes for free.They just need you to have a windows live id (Sign up for one if you don’t have any)
Features of Windows Live Writer:
Upload of Images with Effects Watermarks and Borders
Easy Upload of Videos.
Offline Editing is possible
Availability of Plugins (Table Plugin,Code Plugin)
Multiple Posts at the Same Time
More Options for Hyper links
Autosave feature in settings.

Did i miss out any nice features or plugins? Or did i miss out any annoyances? If i did please let me know so that i can update this post.
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