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How to install MyBlogLog on Blogger?

  1. First, make a full backup of your blog template by going to Template>Edit HTML in your Blogger dashboard, then clicking on the "Download full template" link near the top of the page. It is always good practice to do this before making any adjustments to your blog's template in case you make a mistake and need to revert back to a working template afterwards!
  2. Next, go back to the Edit HTML section of your dashboard, and check the "expand widget templates" box. Then, just before the closing </head> tag in your template, insert the following lines of code:

    <script src='http://blog.merlinox.com/MrX/Blog/test/myBlogAvatar2.js' type='text/javascript'/>
    This will link to the javascript used to power the comment avatars which is hosted by Merlinox.
  3. Next, you will need to find the following line of code:

    <b:loop values='data:post.comments' var='comment'>
    This will be in the comments section of your template, and is easily found using the search function of your browser (CTRL+F). If you cannot find this line, this is probably because you have forgotten to expand the widget templates!
  4. Right after this phrase, add the following section of code:

    <div style='border:0;float:left;margin: 0 5px 0 0;'>
  5. Now, save your template and take a look at one of your blog posts which has a few comments. You will see that any commenter who has a MyBlogLog account and avatar will now have their image featured beside their name. Those who do not have a MyBlogLog account will feature the default question mark avatar instead.
As you have read, this is quite an easy hack to implement in your blog. This will enable MyBlogLog comment avatars for your comments, even if you are not a member of MyBlogLog yourself!
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