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Top 10 Business Apps for the iPad

The iPad is the middle ground for freelancers and small business owners who want to mobilize without paying to maintain a laptop. With the sheer mobility, including mobile Internet, and the lower cost of the iPad, tablets are showing their ability to Free businesses from the confines of location. However, some businesses are still skeptical about the functions of the iPad itself. Their doubts are based almost entirely on a lack of understanding of the application market. Here are a few of the great apps that make an iPad investment worthwhile.


Absolute Email Synchronization

The iPad has several built-in applications to help you access your email. You can pull in Email hosting for Exchange and Outlook with the iPad’s apps. It’s simple to retrieve, review, and send messages on an iPad. Emailing often includes sending attached documents, and the device supports most of the standard document and image format types.

iWork Suite

Pages, Numbers, and Keyworks are the three actual applications you’re getting with this suite. This means you get word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. The cost? Just ten dollars each.


GoToMeeting lets you get involved in screen sharing meetings. You’re not just a distant observer, either. Voice and text chat mean you can interact with all other participants in the meeting.


Taking notes that you can access from anywhere is important and the main appeal of Evernote. Being able to attach documents, take pictures, leave audio notes, or add a video to a note is useful.


If you need to make information databases for your business, Bento is a great way to go. Its simple user interface and two dozen built-in templates allow you to create expense sheets, invoices, event plans, inventory information, and more with ease.


Things comes to your iPad for twenty dollars. With how much time and effort it saves you, it’s a great investment. This advanced to-do organizer integrates scheduling, prioritization, and multi-platform synchronization for some powerful results.

VNC Viewer

While your iPad may be your mobile masterpiece, it probably isn’t your only computer. However, with VNC Viewer, your other computers will be at your fingertips while on the go, too. This remote access application lets you get files, view information, and otherwise interact with other authorized PC or Macintosh systems.


One of the best places to store your files is in the web or, more specifically, in the cloud. With Box.net, you can easily store, edit, and retrieve documents directly from the cloud.

Files to Go

The file organization of the iPad could use some simplification. Thus, Files to Go exists. This app not only grants some advanced organization features, it lets you easily transfer files from your computer to your iPad.


With Square, your iPad becomes a mobile credit card terminal. You can either key in numbers or buy a card swipe that is easy to attach.
Whatever you need for your business, you’ll find a solid application you can use on the iPad. Is there any reason not to free yourself from the desk with on?
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