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Add Apture toolBar for your Blog

Today no one can deny that the social bookmarking and sharing is one of the most important factors for making your blog more popular and more visible for all your targeted visitors.
And i’m sure that you want to make it easier for your visitors to share your posts on their favorite social networking sites.
today we’ll talk about the new Apture ToolBar and it’s features and how to add it to your blogger ( blogspot ) blog.
About Apture ToolBar and it’s features.
The Apture Site Bar is a new way to give readers more information without leaving the page. this is what Apture authors says about the toolbar, but i’ll try to describe what is this toolbar can do for you,
once your visitor scroll down on your blog, this bar will appear loaded with some great features.
  • Share on facebook button with a counter.
  • Tweet this for twitter button with a counter.
  • Share on email
  • Search box with jquery, and this mean that your visitor don’t have to leave the page when he search for another content.
  • When your visitor can select any part of your posts text small button will appear that says Search
  • You can customize it with your own logo.
How To Add It To Your Blog.
You can add it in a very easy way, please visit www.apture.com,
and click Design a bar now
and on the next page, please fill the following info.
  • Your website address:
  • Your email:
  • Upload a Logo or Set Title
  • you can upload your blog logo from your computer ( don’t forget to click upload ) , or just type your blog title.
  • Pick your bar color
and now click Get my bar. please wait till the site finish loading and i’ll give you a code titled, Apture Magic Javascript
Copy the code and now go to your blogger account,
navigate to Layout >> Edit html and now find the following code.
and paste your toolbar code before it.
Now Click Save Template.

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